Edureka Success Story – Shyam’s transition from EMC Hosting Consultant to Technical Lead

Meet Shyam Verma, an IT professional with about 10 years of work experience. He started his career at EMC Storage and worked with a number of well-known multinational companies before entering a pivotal moment in his career when he decided he wanted a piece of the growing cloud technology pie. popular. He couldn’t fall asleep in his dream and with the motto of continuous improvement, he started looking for Cloud Computing courses to help him achieve the first part of his dream.
“There is a difference between watching videos and being guided by others. Trained by a real professional who designed the cloud environment.
Like most tech professionals who make skills their immediate focus, Shyam also stumbled across online tutorials and blogs and started learning Cloud Computing through them. Again, however, like most professionals, he found this type of learning to be messy and lacking in depth, not to mention a lack of doubt-removal ability. While he considers the free online material a great starting point, he knows it won’t be enough for him to achieve his dream career goals. But by chance, he stumbles across Edureka and it turns out to be the callback Shyam was looking for.
Study path

Nothing stopped Shyam when he signed up with Edureka for an in-person, online, cloud-instructed program.

“In Edureka, what I noticed is that it conceptually integrates everything in step 1, step 2, step 3…I couldn’t find that anywhere else. “Being trained by a real professional who designed the cloud environment will make all the difference in preparing you for the real work environment,” says Shyam.
Having a coach who was a real-world cloud architect helped Shyam master the cloud in a way that gave him enough real-world experience and confidence to go out into the world and get certified. AWS. He said the trainer explained to him how real-time architecture and concepts work, and prepared him to approach the interviewer’s perspective. These little details helped Shyam take his career and academic journey to the next level.
Shyam against the real world!
When the learning bug has bitten Shyam, he doesn’t want to back down until he has successfully achieved his career goals. After completing her course on AWS and earning an AWS Certification, Shyam returned to hone her skills at Edureka, but this time for DevOps. Realizing the career potential of cloud skills tied to DevOps, Shyam didn’t stop until she completed her DevOps training at Edureka in 2017-18. DevOps was still a “new” technology by skills standards in India at the time and Shyam wanted to quickly pick up skills that would skyrocket his career in the coming months. He has used all the resources at his disposal, whether it is the practical expertise of coach Edureka or the 24/7 technical support of Edureka to clear any doubts.
“Edureka’s technical support team answered our calls 24/7. When a face-to-face session is in progress, such as if I misunderstood a concept or missed a class or had a break in between, I can always reschedule the class for another day or review the lessons. recorded video,” he said.
What does Shyam do today?
Currently, Shyam works as the technical lead for cloud and DevOps at a well-known IT services company. We hope he will remain a pioneer in constant learning and achieving bigger and more ambitious career goals in the years to come. We are proud of him and are delighted to be able to help him take such an important step in his career.

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