How to choose your business training partner

The pace of technology development today can be dizzying at times, even for the largest organizations. The same goes for tech professionals, who constantly struggle not only to excel in a hyper-competitive market but also to avoid obsolescence by constantly improving themselves. This is where corporate training comes in. It’s a practical solution designed for today’s employers and employees.

On-the-job training has two main advantages:

Increase productivity

Training existing employees on new skills is more efficient and convenient than hiring new people with those skills. The former understand the organization better and thus will lead to increased productivity.

Increase loyalty

One of the primary goals of most HR departments today is to minimize workforce attrition. Upgrading skills through training is a great way to do this because it shows employees that their employer is willing to invest in them.

But what is the best way to facilitate on-the-job training for your employees?

Unless you have a full-fledged internal L&D (Learning and Development) department, finding the right external partner can effectively provide quality learning for all your employees. is reasonable. Also, the only way to provide large-scale training to your employees without hindering their regular work is to use an online learning partner.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right partner:

Appropriate width and depth of courses

The partner you choose must be able to deliver all the courses you want your employees to take. But this is not enough. The courses offered must also have the depth needed to be truly useful to your organization and employees. It’s easy to find a partner who will issue a certification, but you should find someone who really helps your employees learn and grow.

(Edureka offers over 100 courses on trending technologies like AI, Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Computing. Each course can also extend to over 200 hours of interactive learning).

Course completion rate

One of the biggest problems with online learning is that very few learners actually complete their course. Sometimes that number is as low as 15%! That’s why it’s important that you choose a partner who can promise high course completion rates to ensure an adequate return on investment and learning for your employees.

(Edureka has the highest course completion rate in the world – 80% in the industry. Edureka maintains this rate by ensuring that sessions are engaging and learners receive all the support and encouragement they need. after school to ensure they stay engaged).
Instructor quality

At the heart of any learning program is the instructor who is responsible for actually teaching the course. Instructors are not only responsible for the quality of learning but also for ensuring that learners stay engaged and interested. You need to make sure that the instructors who work with your staff are appreciated by other learners and have hands-on experience in their subject.

(Edureka’s instructors are all experienced professionals in the industry and are always appreciated and appreciated by learners).

Interactive and focused on hands-on learning

The only way to ensure that learners remember what they are being taught is to make each session interactive. This means that learners can interact with the instructor and ask questions whenever they want. Therefore, the learning partner you choose must offer interactive sessions, not just videos.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the practical application of what is learned. It is not ideal if learners only understand concepts in theory without being able to apply them to a real-world environment. The apprenticeship program you choose will also provide a solution to this problem.

(Edureka is a pioneer in instructor-led face-to-face courses that include real industry projects. This means that each Edureka live course includes real-time lessons where people learn in real-time.) learners have the opportunity to interact with instructors and use what they learn to solve real-world problems and industry problems. Edureka learners also have exclusive access to a forum where they can interact with other learners).

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