Why choose Edureka’s online courses

So you’ve decided to go the online route to master a new technology. While there are many online course providers in the world, you’ve come to a place with over 80% course completion rates, the best in the world. Yes, you can learn at your own pace, at your own pace, from the location of your choice. But Edureka’s experience goes beyond that and addresses every aspect of skill development. Read on to find out why learners love us enough to come back for more. 1. Live online classes, interactive lessons with individual attention

Imagine a virtual environment where an industry expert teaches you all the nuances of a particular technology! As a learner, you have the option to ping your instructor or even talk to them, even while a live lesson is in progress. Although each Edureka course has many students like you, with different levels of experience, each student receives individual and individual attention during and after each course. As part of a study group, you also receive personal attention from Edureka.

  1. Support the ninjas at your disposal
    We understand that signing up for classes online is like joining a gym. You will inevitably get stuck at different points in your learning journey. Don’t worry, we have a whole team of qualified professionals ready to serve you! From technical support to crisis management on live projects, our support team is there to help ensure a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience. Furthermore, some of these ninjas are also available to you even after you complete your course with us, in case you think about our courses and want to join again. We take “Lifetime Commitment” seriously!
  2. Online courses with industry-relevant case studies, anytime, anywhere!
    Your learning may not be complete if you do not have access to the technology you have chosen to study. Edureka ensures that each of our live courses culminates in a live project with real datasets, giving you a feel for what really awaits you, once you have got her dream job and published her Edureka course. Of course, our support ninjas will be happy to help you if you get stuck, but trust us when we say you’ll see yourself in a new light once you’re done (these ) our project. Each of our projects is co-created by industry experts and is constantly updated, ensuring you stay relevant and up to date.
  3. Industry-recognized certification
    This is the reward you get for completing your course with us! Edureka certifications are recognized worldwide and demonstrate your competence in the technology you have chosen to master. But remember that you are only certified after successfully completing the course and the live project. Some of our certifications are offered to you alongside the people who actually make the technology. Could you ask for anything more?
  4. Lifetime access to references
    Just in case you feel the need to read additional material after a live class, your LMS (Learning Management System) has a reference list, including course transcripts, project documents and course materials. . Ideally, we recommend going through this reading before your next study session.

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