Why Edureka’s pedagogy leads to a steep learning curve

When you want to learn a new skill, the biggest hurdle is finding the right content. Once found, the biggest obstacle is to study carefully.

Without a dedicated instructor, midway doubts will not be answered and you will recall concepts that have not been learned halfway. Even if you sign up for an (outdated) physical education class, your instructor may not be the best in the world; but probably the best in this area.

Let’s be honest, being half good is never enough, especially when it comes to a career. This random learning is a global trend. Most people experience unstructured learning in a chaotic setting that is not beneficial to themselves or the company they work for.

This prompted us to establish law and order (pun intended), and as a result, Edureka’s training model was born. In this blog, I’ll tell you how we created the Edureka pedagogy and why it’s what you need. Key factors influencing Edureka’s pedagogy


We all like our comfort zones, right? There’s no benefit to being there and that’s the sad truth. A famous saying goes like this:

The comfort zone is a beautiful place. But nothing can grow there.

Similarly, when you study on your own, you procrastinate by delaying your curriculum. With an instructor-led online course, however, you’ll be motivated to learn through reminders, peers, and investments.

Tailored to industry needs

In self-study (video/other people) you will learn anything and everything. And you risk missing out on the skills the industry expects. In a sense, self-study is like “the blind guide others”.

At Edureka, the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the industry. You can ask how.

Well, after analyzing the JD and requirements of over 15 companies, followed by some iterations and improvements suggested by industry experts, we have perfected our course curriculum. This way you get the best of both.

Course completion rate

The main reason Edureka promotes instructor-led online training is because of complacency among our learners. Proof of this is our learner report, which shows that self-recorded (recorded) videos are not viewed at all due to the many distractions that make learning passive Also because there is no interaction, the video becomes boring and eventually causes the learners to drop out. With a tutored session, not only is it more fun, but you can clear all doubts in an instant, interact with other learners in your class, and make lifelong friends.

These factors lead to higher course completion rates, which means your learning takes place primarily through this training model. Edureka’s in-person courses boast an impressive 80% completion rate. Lack of exposure to real work

When you study on your own, you can learn the theory well, but what about practice? You will not have the necessary infrastructure to perform the actual tasks. Theoretical knowledge will only take you to one level. To master the concepts, exposure to practice is essential!

At Edureka, we value practical work the most. The same can be noticed in our course curriculum. 10 hours to complete homework and 10 hours to do practical work is required for good study.

Regarding the infrastructure to do the actual work, we will provide access to the platform called “Cloud Labs” for 3 months (2160 hours). It is a replica of the actual working environment and you can consider it a good experience before starting work.

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